Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marc Allen

On January 12th, Jennifer and I had the pleasure of speaking with Marc Allen! Marc is the president of New World Library (co-founded with Shakti Gawain) in 1977. He is also a musician and author and has also with his wife Aurilene, founded the Brazil Hope Foundation to help street kids in Brazil.

Believe it or not, before Marc became the wildly successful man that he is, he was also an actor, a failed busboy/dishwasher and got kicked out of a zen center for breaking rules!

When Marc was 30, he realized that he had no job, no money and found himself in a state of age-related shock! He figured it was ok to go through his twenties unemployed, broke and in a funky apartment but at age thirty! No way! By the end of the day on his 30th birthday, Marc became a different person.

He simply remembered an exercise that he’d done when he was 22 years old, sitting around a fire and a couple there had said, Imagine five years passing and having gone as well as you can imagine. What would have happened?

So Marc wrote it down. The Ideal Scene at the top and then 5 years had passed and how he was living his ideal life. He had no interest in business or money as he figured money would not be good for a spiritual path. He also stressed to himself that he wanted a life of ease….not work too hard, just when he felt like it.

How on earth can this work? Can you just imagine saying to yourself…I won’t be working too hard and will just enjoy the fruits of life?

Well somehow Marc has done it. And he wrote a book about it called The Greatest Secret of All.

A few things that Marc shared with us to get started are :
~Dare to dream
~How to deal with thoughts and fears
a)What is the problem
b) what emotion are you feeling
c) what are you feeling physically
d) what are you telling yourself….what are the recurring thoughts?
e) what’s the worst thing that could happen….explore your deepest fears about it.
f) what’s the BEST thing that could happen in this situation?
g) What prevents you from reaching that best case scenario?

For Marc it was that he felt he was a ‘fool with money’. That he could not handle money effectively. So what did he do? He asked himself what affirmation would counteract that belief.
“I am sensible and in control of my finances, in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.” He said this over and over…a few thousand times! Finances were simple and actually, no big mystery!

And of course, eventually he hired a bookkeeper!

Marc says that we have to ask ourselves the right question. The clear message is that you aren’t trusting yourself. You have everything you need, right NOW! Trust yourself and your intuition. Dare to dream and put the doubts and fears aside for a minute…how can I possibly get there? Ask and you will receive your answers! Marc says it helps him to stroll around his yard a bit.
And I have to agree! Walking outside or sitting in a bookstore with a cup of coffee are great ways for me to “hear” answers.

If you don’t know what your passion is, take the time to find out. If you are fascinated by someone else’s career, that’s a clue. You don’t have to do it all, just do what you WANT. YOUR passion.

Marc stresses that when we speak to ourselves with affirmations and plans, that the simpler the words, the better. The Universe says YES to every thought! That means if you are thinking negative thoughts, it’s also giving those equal opportunity so think positive!

The most important thing in life, Marc says, is to love and serve yourself and others.

Check out the show and Marc’s website and Marc's music along with the website for Brazil Hope Foundation!

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