Sunday, January 9, 2011

1000 Breaths Live!

On December 31st, we had our very first live simulcast for Scorpion Equinox! Jim Ellis and my co-host, Jennifer put together a fundraiser to raise money for the awareness of youth prostitution and child trafficking.

J2 had quite the scene going on in San Diego! I was here in NY during broadcasting. While on the show during this event, I heard there was media buzzing around, and a lot of people coming in with pillows, blankets and good vibes. As it was put to me, it was like a huge “slumber party”!

There were parts that I was unfortunate not to be able to hear clearly but what I could tell was that this event was a huge success! And although I couldn’ t hear well enough the vocals of Karl Anthony, I COULD tell that he was amazing by the music and the crowd participation.

So what I’m doing for this post is to post Jim’s account of this wonderful day. Thank you to all who participated!

See below and don’t forget to check out the 1000 breaths blog!

Today was the day.9 am at the site for set up.
10:15 am open the doors for the couple hundred people to arrive.
10:30 am speak with four local TV stations.11 am start the radio show on blogtalk radio.11:11 am start the event. What a miracle it was. To see such attentiveness with those sharing this event.Karl Anthony getting everyone up and singing.The short film to focus people on the cause of ending child sexual exploitation. An impassioned message from Nikki Jo Junker. The breathwork that sent people inward on their journey of freedom. We shall stay connected, as we all make our way, as a community of hearts, towards our freedom. We shall stay connected as the children of our community are taken care of. Thank you for being a part of it all.
Also, check out the 11 minute short educational film, Indoctrinated

At the event we debuted the 11-minute version of the short educational film "Indoctrinated," filmed, edited and produced by Jim. This film is what 1000 Breaths was all about – raising funds to complete a longer version which can be distributed to schools for the sake of prevention. A tool that will create awareness as well as educate children and parents about child sex exploitation, the 11-minute version is now on YouTube. Please check it out.

If you want to hear the 2 hour broadcast, go Here.

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