Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Jennifer and Dawn

A very very Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all of our beautiful listeners! Thank you for making our show what it is! We are grateful to have you!

And of course, we love you even if you DO eat turkey! Jennifer and I will be on separate coasts, sparing the bird and enjoying the rest!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet Jeff Wolf Fitzgerald

We should have started this blog a long time ago but it seems that sometimes inventing the wheel comes to me long after I've been pushing the cart uphill!

This week we enjoyed guest Jeff Wolf Fitzgerald, a Native American of the MicMac tribe, which originates in the Eastern Canadian/northeastern corner of the US region.

It's amazing how you don't know a person. Jeff and I went to high school together when we were younger* (*last week! ) and have been in light touch over the last couple of years (ah, the amazing world of Facebook, if you don't abuse it in the wrong way!) There is so much that I learned about him in our one hour show.

I won't give it ALL away however, as the interview should be heard in Jeff's own words.

What he DID touch on was how the REAL Thanksgiving went as opposed to the Happy Hallmark holiday that we currently know and love.

He also told us of the various imbalances in society regarding Native Americans and what we can do to help. He did bring to light something that most of us probably don't think about....many other ethnicities have help and awareness to their causes...Native Americans have to claw and fight for theirs. Ironic, since they were on this land before people emigrated here and bloodily claimed it as their own.

Jeff has published articles with Whisper N Thunder, is the founder of New England Red Pride and a Native American Activist. He can happily be reached at with any questions.