Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chetan Parkyn

At the very least, you can't say we're inflexible! Jennifer and I decided to reschedule a previously postponed show with Chetan Parkyn just two days after our show with Tara Austen Weaver! Whew.....! Bih-zee!!!

As usual, we started up with a couple of items....I had emailed one of them to my boss earlier in the day.

On his way past me next all he could muster was "You are evil."

All I did was name drop about some exotic coffee that runs around $300 a pound. Quite possibly that coffee passed through the digestive system of a Kopi Luwak and was THEN roasted and ready for the fixin's! Yeaahhhh.....I'm good at finding info like that.

Now the only other info we went over was something we believe our listeners probably aren't into. Nonetheless, whether you are or aren't or know someone who is doing cocaine, the use of coke is affecting the Rainforest.

And then we had the pleasure of speaking with Chetan!

I will say this...some of our guests, if not all of them, make it look just so easy and attainable to change your life into something really big, no matter how old you are. Recall our show with Marc Allen who was fired for being a bad busboy!

Chetan, was - as he put it - bumbling around before finding this system of finding an individual's blueprint. He was an engineer in England and eventually at 27 years old decided to visit India. He visited Osho, who had a recommendation for someone who was desperate and trying to find themselves, and that was to visit Mumbai. A man who would tell a person all about themselves. Only when Chetan arrived, the man merely said, "Oh good. You've arrived". He was apparently expecting Chetan!

He had been working with a very old system that had been passed down, father to son, for many years. By the end of Chetan's visit, his hair was standing on end from what he heard. He was also told by the man that he was going to learn this method. Chetan politely declined and then the man laughed in his face and told him that he'd write a book someday that would change lives. This was in 1979.

In 1993, Chetan had his very own Human Design reading. And knew this was the Thing he'd heard about.

Thirty years later we have "Human Design". A divine soup with mystical seasonings all working together using the Kabbalah, chakra system, I-Ching and astrology. I can't tell you how it's pretty intricate, but it is pretty spot on accurate!!!

Jennifer and I were exposed a tad on air as Chetan was awesome and had our charts at the ready. And's ON.

Not only is your birth time involved, but there is also a second, distinct time - approximately three months before your birth. We are told that this is when the neocortex turns on and takes in the first burst of information while in the womb.

Also involved are Neutrinos, which are said to be "messengers of the universe". One theory is that they came out of stars and then fly through the universe at the speed of light and pass through everything...including us. Where two bits of mass connect, there is an exchange of information. So from stars to even Venus to us....pretty amazing stuff we're mixing with!

Admittingly, I am silly at times. We know this. Poor Jennifer has to deal with it on a regular basis. I couldn't resist asking Chetan if he'd even seen a chart where he could see someone had the potential to be a serial killer. Sorry Chetan! The mind sometimes....!

For more details, check out our special Friday show! Be sure also to check out the Human Design website where you can within moments get a free short report to help you figure out what YOUR unique design is! A more comprehensive report is currently available for $19.95.

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